Reverend Tye Smith is dedicated to winning souls for God

And of course helping people that are in need throughout America's struggling neighborhoods, and communities.

Reverend Smith is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Where as a young boy he started being a member of

Deliverance Evangelistic Church. He was Baptized there by then 

Reverend Wesley Pinnock, an Assistant Pastor of D.E.C. CHURCH.

Reverend Smith while also at an young age attended an adult Bible School, then back to back he attended, and completed studies at the then Deliverance Bible Institute. 

All of this while still attending his regular Monday through Friday Public Schooling. 

​He credits his deceased grandmother The Late Evangelist Laura C. Milner.

For introducing him to God, and then going the distance placing, and keeping him on God's chosen Path.

She was also a longtime member of Deliverance Evangelistic Church.

Today Reverend Tye Smith is an educated businessman-philanthropist, former first responder, and former campaign manager.

An ordained Minister-Reverend by his former church

The Universal Church.

He believes in doing the will of God, in continuously helping God's People. With full instructions, and complete guidance from God's Word

The Holy Bible.




We are Universal Church of God Ministries.

A faith-Holy Bible based Church of God.

Where everyone is welcome to come, learn, worship, and praise God's Holy Name. Together in complete unity we give thanks to The Lord Thy God. We're all God's Children no matter what. 

Come as you are, and let God do his magnificent works in your life.

Conveniently located in The Heart of The City of Atlantic City's Boardwalk-Park Place District.

We're here to help our Atlantic City Neighborhoods, and Communities

That are in need of help. With special services, and events geared towards helping our Seniors, Children-Families, Returning Citizens, and The Forgotten Homeless Citizens.

Together with The Love, Grace, and Mercy of The Lord Thy God we'll always work hard to win Souls for Christ Jesus.

God loves us all, no matter what background exists within our life.

Through The Lord Jesus Christ's Blood he washes away all sins, and makes us whole again.

We are committed in doing The Glorious Will of God.

Faith, Hope, Love, and Charity is what our church

"Universal Church of God Ministries" is all about.

All good things are possible when we implement God into our life.